Compassion, Dedication, Service


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Burke Memorial Park was founded in 1953 by George Earp. It has been under the caring management of the Stephens family since 1979. Our family service associates have a combined tenure of almost 70 years. Our two office associates have a combined tenure of over 50 years. Our maintenance staff has a combined tenure of over 10 years. All this ensures our families know what to expect from us—compassion, dedication and a desire to serve.

Burke Memorial Park are long standing members of the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association and the North Carolina Cemetery Association. We are fully licensed and regulated by the state of North Carolina.

Our mission is to prepare families for the inevitable difficult day in their future. It is our hope that through education, preparation and service we can make that day less difficult.


Since its inception in 1953, Burke Memorial Park has deposited a portion of the funds received on every property sale into an irrevocable trust fund. Today this fund is over $790,000. This fund is mandated by state law and is regulated by the NC Cemetery Commission to ensure the cemetery will be properly maintained to the end of time. Burke Memorial Park is the only cemetery in Burke County with such a fund. Burke Memorial Park is the only cemetery that has a plan and a guarantee that the resting place of you and your loved ones will never deteriorate.


With its mountain views, lush green grass and manicured landscaping, Burke Memorial Park is widely known as one of the most beautiful and peaceful cemeteries in the state. It is also known for its value. Prices for property, merchandise and services at Burke Memorial Park are lower than the state average and significantly lower than prices found in surrounding counties.

Peace of Mind

What price can be put on peace of mind? For as little as $1900 you can enroll in our pre-planning program. This is the cost of two spaces including the perpetual care fees required by the state. This will provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones. Pre-planning does provide a cost savings but it is not only about money. All the money in the world will not make decisions for you when the time comes. Making these decisions today will relieve your loved ones of the cost and the burden of being forced to make decisions while not knowing exactly what want them to do. Knowing that this piece of the life planning puzzle is complete will also give you sense of pride and peace of mind.